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Free Access to our Bitesize Courses for Sexual Violence and Harassment Week.


We're giving you free access to our bitesize courses for Sexual Violence and Harassment Week 2024.

To show our support for Sexual Violence and Harassment Week 2024 we're giving away free access to all of our bitesize courses.

Our customers pay to access our bitesize courses.  They purchase a token code that allows then to watch the courses, but this week we're giving away those tokens for free.

Below you can see the tokens for each course:

What is a sex offender?

Use code: 6FDX-C9NC-YP5S

How do offenders access victims?

Use code: 65ME-Z2FL-QQAR

What is the extent of sexual offending?

Use code: AQ62-3GF1-CPH0

How are risks managed?

Use code: WWKT-9ABB-EY13

How can we respond to known sexual offenders?

Use code: U0HR-YYC4-0MCC

Who can be a victim of sexual offending?

Use code: 48D4-24UA-BMBP

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Use code: 4V3P-SXU4-RFN5

Sexual harm and people with cognitive impairments

Use code: 60J5-PD95-KBJT

Issues around sex work

Use code: AVCB-P2K5-51UR

Community offender management

Use code: 0S5M-7EE7-CLD7

Photography and social media policies

Use code: XFX5-MZ96-4PA3

Looking after ourselves and each other

Use code: RRPG-H9X0-JW0J

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