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Environmental Policy

Policy statement

TDI recognises its responsibility to work in a way which minimises its negative impact on the environment.


Principles underlying this policy

Human life and health are dependent on continued life and health of the planet we live on. Human activity can have positive and negative effects on the life and health of the planet. 

TDI has a responsibility to ensure that it minimises the negative effects of its operations and maximises the positive effects.


Aims, objectives and scope of this policy

TDI will actively minimise its negative environmental impacts wherever possible. This includes, but is not limited to reducing waste, maximising recycling and reuse, minimising energy and water use, and favouring green, public or shared transport. 

TDI will encourage its sub-contractors, suppliers and collaborators to similarly minimise their negative environmental impacts.

TDI will seek to procure only what it needs, and consider the environmental policies of potential suppliers when procuring.

This policy applies to all trustees, directors, employees, volunteers and contractors of TDI.



When engaged in work for TDI, whether in or out of the office, trustees, directors, employees, volunteers and contractors should bear in mind the environmental impact of their work. They will consider whether resource use, disposal or travel is necessary or whether the same objective could be met by other means.

When procuring, those within TDI will look for evidence that a potential supplier acting to reduce their negative environmental impact, and consider their environmental policies alongside other considerations when choosing a supplier.


Date of revision of this policy

December 2021. This policy is in effect, and should be reviewed within 3 years.