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Safeguarding Policy

Policy statement

The Derwent Initiative (TDI) recognises that it has a responsibility to protect others from harm wherever our work brings us into contact with them. Our charitable aims include the advancement of safeguarding knowledge within the general population, giving us a responsibility to ensure our knowledge of safeguarding is continually updated to reflect current thinking and best practice.


Principles underlying this policy

Safeguarding is the protection of an individual’s health, well-being and human rights by preventing harm, abuse and neglect. Everyone can the subject of harm, abuse and neglect, becoming vulnerable in different situations and at different times. Some groups are more prone to vulnerability than others, particularly children and adults with physical or cognitive impairments.

TDI has a responsibility for safeguarding, and the right to protection is not affected by an individual’s sex, gender, race, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other feature.


Aims, objectives and scope of this policy

TDI will work to promote the welfare of others, ensure that people are safe.

TDI will keep the welfare of those we work with at the centre of our work.

TDI will be particularly alert to the needs of those with characteristics which make them vulnerable, such as their age or physical or cognitive impairments. At the same time, we will remember that features of an individual or their life which make them vulnerable may not be obvious or apparent.

TDI will engage in partnership working with parents, carers and outside agencies where appropriate to ensure the best outcomes for those we work with.

This policy applies to all trustees, directors, employees, volunteers and contractors of TDI.



Everyone carrying TDI business will do so while valuing, listening to and respecting others.

All those working on behalf of TDI will be made aware of their safeguarding responsibilities, and offered training. Support will be given to employees, volunteers and contractors through supervision and quality assurance.

The TDI Research team will keep abreast of changes in safeguarding legislation, best practice and related issues and disseminate these through the organisation.

New staff or contractors will be recruited with safeguarding in mind. This will include appropriate reference and criminal record checks.

The Chief Executive will have lead responsibility for maintaining a healthy, respectful and supportive workplace to keep those working for TDI safe. This includes ensuring that there are opportunities for concerns to be raised, investigated and acted on.

All those working on behalf of TDI will be alert to the signs of harm in those they come into contact with outside of the organisation. Concerns will be shared within TDI and escalated if it is felt to be appropriate. The Chief Executive will have responsibility for liaising with appropriate external agencies, such as the local statutory safeguarding bodies, if this is necessary. If a person is believed to be in immediate danger, the Police will be contacted.

Where appropriate, all staff working on behalf of TDI will work others, such as parents, carers or external agencies, to ensure that the needs of individuals that we work with are met.


Date of revision of this policy

December 2021. This policy is in effect, and should be reviewed within 3 years.


Additional resources

The local statutory safeguarding bodies for Newcastle, where TDI is based, are the Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board. They can be contacted here: