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Bespoke Courses

TDI has over 25 years of working with organisations who work with sexual offenders, including prisons, housing associations, churches and faith-based groups, rape crisis centres, homeless organisations, health and social care providers, arts organisations and those working with learning disabilities.

For organisations with over 10 trainees, we design courses specific to your needs, drawing on our large bank of topics and material developed in partnership with clients over decades. Where there are topics we don’t already cover, our training and research teams are able to prepare new material for you.

Courses are interactive, delivered by one of TDI’s expert trainers, either remotely or face-to-face, at a time to suit you. All courses come with workbooks and additional supporting material, and can incorporate worked examples or case studies from your day-to-day work.

You may want to combine training with consultancy around your procedures or policies.

If you’d like to talk to us about what we can put together for you and your staff, please get in touch using the form below.


What sort of material can courses cover?

Our courses can cover any aspect of sexual offending and sexual harm. In the past we have delivered material on:

  • Definitions, typologies and theories around sexual offending
  • Legal issues
  • Good practice for support workers
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Staff care and self-care
  • Victims and Safeguarding
  • Statutory public protection arrangements
  • Peer-on-peer sexual harm
  • Technology-enabled sexual harm
  • Regulatory and statutory responsibilities in educational settings
  • Good practice in community supervision & monitoring of offenders
  • Offender denial, minimisation and motivation
  • Learning disability and offending
  • Sex work and sex workers
  • Organisation-specific management issues
  • Spatial awareness and environmental risk
  • Guidance for trustees on supporting managers and staff
  • Safety and security while lone working
  • Responding to behavioual disinhibition
  • Working with known offenders
  • Sharing information safely
  • Photography and social media policies
  • The 'customer care' approach to responding to concerns
  • Spotting and resisting manipulation
  • Managing taught groups and teaching situations
  • Supporting clients in disclosing offences

Our research team enables us to develop new material specifically for you and your organisation - so if a topic you need support with is not included in the list above, we will research and write training materials for you.

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