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Sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace

Sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace

This course starts from the understanding that sexual harassment is a form of sexual harm and abuse. It applies TDI's expertise around sexual offending to better understand how cultures of harassment can develop and what steps can be taken to avoid and respond to such cultures. The afternoon session deals with responses by managers and Human Resources teams to incidents of harassment.

The course asks the questions:

  • What constitutes 'sexual harassment' and how easily can it become sexual offending?
  • How do individuals come to behave in a harassing or an abusive way?
  • What makes an organisation vulnerable to cultures of harassment and abuse?
  • What can we do as individuals and organisations to reduce risk of harassment and abuse?

This course will give staff and managers confidence that they can respond to sexual harassment proactively and rigorously, keeping themselves and their colleages safe from this form of sexual abuse.