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Working with Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Working with Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

This course offers and understanding of sexual offenders and sexual offending, with a particular focus on Child Sexual Exploitation. It serves as an alternative to our course 'Introduction to sexual offending', for those who need a more in-depth understanding of CSE as a category of sexual offences and offending.

The course answers the questions:


  • To increase participants’ general awareness of all forms of sexual offending, including a typology, how offenders operate, some legal issues and theories.
  • To explore the grooming process and other coercive behaviours, with particular reference to CSE.
  • To provide a detailed definition of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and, within that, the various models of exploitation offenders may operate.
  • To establish the facts about CSE by challenging some common assumptions.
  • To look at the signs that someone may be affected by CSE and how risks may be assessed.
  • To consider the impact of CSE on both young people and their families.
  • To look at some ways that residential care staff who are not in specialist treatment roles can support rehabilitation in their day to day work with service users who are survivors of CSE.
  • To acknowledge the potentially stressful nature of work with CSE issues, and consider staff care and professional self-care. This will include important issues such as support and supervision systems, issues of disclosure and professional boundaries.

This course will give confidence to those working with offenders and victims of CSE, that they can help support them and contribute to public protection.