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Quality Standards in Inter-Agency Work

Based on eight years of practical experience in promoting an inter-agency response, this report offers guidance on achieving fruitful multi-agency collaboration. Quality Standards in Inter-agency Work may be used by those involved in bringing together various agencies, specialists and disciplines as equal partners aligned to a common purpose, while at the same time acknowledging, maintaining and respecting their individual integrity.

It is divided into four sections: the first three provide background and the fourth sets out a quality standards framework. Definitions of inter-agency work explain issues around aims, commitment, management, communication, evaluation and accountability. The structure of inter-agency projects is highlighted through illustrations and guidance concerning the interactions between levels of strategic leadership, executive management and operational implementation. The quality standards offer statements under four headings: leadership; operational management; communication and information exchange; monitoring and evaluation.

Originally published in 2001 and after being out of print for several years, this report was digitally reset from a 2003 original in 2016.