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For more information on this course or any other, please contact The Derwent Initiative

We believe strongly in dialogue with clients to ensure the quality of our courses, and are proud to have repeat training relationships with many organisations.

Recent feedback has included:

"Well presented. Felt respected and valued."
"Very helpful, great training, useful in my area of work."
"Informative, brought new way of thinking to myself. Great presenting skills."
"The content was complex but I have a better understanding of the subject."
"Very eye opening - will definitely inform our processes, especially regarding ongoing risk assessment."
"Fab training, I feel a lot more could have been done if we had more time!"
"I really enjoyed the training. Thank you!"
"The discussions and the way the information/slides were delivered by the tutor, Dave, was brilliant."
"Very informative day - training made very interesting, using experience in field. Thank you."

If you'd like to talk more about our courses and how they have been received, please contact the team.

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