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Please note that due to the current global pandemic, we are delivering courses online wherever possible. Please get in touch to discuss how we can ensure you get the most out of your training, as we keep each other safe.

TDI has over 25 years of working with organisations who work with sexual offenders, including prisons, housing associations, churches and faith-based groups, rape crisis centres, homeless organisations, health and social care providers, arts organisations and those working with learning disabilities.

We offer tailored and customised courses and are able to design bespoke material to meet specific organisational needs.

Our courses can be delivered on-site to groups of up to 20, and we offer a limited range of courses for smaller organisations at our offices in Newcastle city centre.

For more information on our courses, please contact us.

To help us respond to your inquiry, it would be helpful if you could let us know:

  • What your organisation is;
  • What it does;
  • What your existing knowledge of sexual offending is;
  • What has prompted you looking for training;
  • Where you heard about TDI.

This will help us understand your training needs, which will help our trainers tailor a course around you.

Tailored Training

TDI have a bank of modules which we can use to tailor a course to your needs. These include:

  • Definitions, typologies and theories around sexual offending
  • Legal issues
  • Good practice for support workers
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Staff care and self-care
  • Victims and Safeguarding
  • Statutory public protection arrangements
  • Good practice in community supervision & monitoring of offenders
  • Offender denial, minimisation and motivation
  • Learning disability and offending
  • Sex work and sex workers
  • Organisation-specific management issues
  • Spatial awareness and environmental risk
  • Guidance for trustees on supporting managers and staff
  • Safety and security while lone working
  • Responding to behavioual disinhibition
  • Safety and security while lone working
  • Working with known offenders
  • Sharing information safely
  • Photography and social media policies
  • The 'customer care' approach to responding to concerns
  • Spotting and resisting manipulation
  • Managing taught groups and teaching situation
  • Supporting clients in disclosing offences

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Off-the-Shelf Courses

We are also able to offer off-the-shelf one- and two-day courses on Sexual Offender Awareness, Working with Sex Offenders, and Protecting Organisations from Sexual Harm with particular adaptations for those working with people with learning disabilities, those working in prisons and in housing associations, for care providers and for faith groups.

For organisations with less than 10 potential trainees, places are available for courses delivered online. Contact us for details at

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Sexual Harassment and Workplace Sexual Abuse

With 25 years of experience in the field, this course applies TDI's knowledge around sexual offending to help organisations think through what makes them vulnerable to cultures of harassment and abuse. It offers staff opportunities to think through their own work cultures and helps empower them to take action to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.

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Over our 20 years as leaders in the field we have provided training in all parts of the UK and across sectors. Some of our recent clients include:

Anglia Housing
Catch22 Offender Management, HMPs Doncaster and Thameside
Care UK, HMP Portland
Circus Central
Coastline Housing
Combat Stress
Cornerstone Housing
Creative Support
Emmaus, Bristol
Gwalia Housing
Haven Housing
HMP Forest Bank
Junction 42
Medaille Trust
Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough
Pathways Care
Senad Community
The Simon Community
Street Pastors, Sunderland
Tyne Housing

We are registered with the Crown Commercial Services Dynamic Marketplace.

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We believe strongly in dialogue with clients to ensure the quality of our courses, and are proud to have repeat training relationships with many organisations.

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