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The Benefits

The Benefits

Leisurewatch offers a unique level of public protection from risk presented by sex offenders.

Benefits of Leisurewatch

  • Visitors to your site can be assured that staff have undertaken training which equips them to identify risky sexual behaviour and to have procedures in place for responding to the risk presented.
  • Your staff have the confidence to spot and report incidents (even when a crime hasn't been committed) and know their concerns will be taken seriously.
  • Enhanced observation skills amongst your staff will help to reduce other troublesome or offending behaviour, including shop-lifting, vandalism, and bullying.
  • Managers will become aware of any "danger spots" on the premises that require extra vigilance or security.
  • Staff learn to identify and help protect those children and adults most vulnerable to harm.
  • The establishment of a link with your Police Public Protection unit, via Leisurewatch, who will record all incidents and act appropriately on the information supplied.
  • Organisations joining Leisurewatch become part of a scheme which is recognised and valued by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Ministry of Justice, and the Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management.
Feedback from Leisurewatch training (2010-15)

Why does my site need Leisurewatch?

Whilst many sites may already have child protection policies and training in place, no other scheme focuses specifically on dealing with the risks posed by sex offenders.

Leisurewatch directly addresses the potential problems of voyeurism, abduction, indecent exposure, indecent photography and sexual assault .

No other scheme provides a direct link to your local police force, where concerns will be recorded and taken seriously even if no offence has been committed.

Setting the standards in sex offender awareness training

The Leisurewatch scheme was created by Police and public protection practitioners. Training is delivered by experts in the field and regularly undergoes rigorous third-party assessment. Leisurewatch is one of the few training schemes to be accredited and approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

    • "We have seen real benefits in the Leisurewatch scheme which promotes public protection and co-ordination between police forces and leisure facilities."
      Assistant Chief Constable Greg Vant, Northumbria Police
    • "This scheme is a great comfort to parents; I hope it will soon be extended to cover all our facilities."
      Valerie Richmond, Director of Development services, Limavady Borough Council.
    • "Exactly the kind of joined-up approach which is regarded as best practice in the field of public protection."
      Hazel Kemshall, Professor of Community and Criminal Justice, De Montfort University