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Developing Services for Older Offenders in Northumbria

In 2013 Northumbria Probation Trust expressed concern as to the experiences of older offenders in Northumbria accessing health and social care and safely reintegrating into society. They commissioned Age UK North Tyneside and TDI to conduct a scoping exercise to identify relevant issues and desired outcomes, including the potential for further research on this topic area.

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Under the Surface - Note on Four Discussions about Sexual Offending

Throughout the twenty years of TDI's existence, we have found that a number of themes have come round repeatedly, generating great debate in the media and amongst the public, often when a particular case has brought a question to the fore.

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European interoperability - Cross border checking

Recent high-profile cases have highlighted inadequacies in the current provision for effectively checking the criminal records of citizens from the EU member states who are seeking employment in the UK. Current controls, based around certificates of good behaviour, are insufficient.

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Quality Standards in Inter-Agency Work

Published in 2001 and based on eight years of practical experience in promoting an inter-agency response, this report offers guidance on achieving fruitful multi-agency collaboration. Quality Standards in Inter-agency Work may be used by those involved in bringing together various agencies, specialists and disciplines as equal partners aligned to a common purpose, while at the same time acknowledging, maintaining and respecting their individual integrity.

Assessing Risk in Young People who Sexually Abuse

In 2004, building on work originally undertaken in 1996, The Derwent Initiative commissioned a piece of work with the aim of enabling those who work with adolescents who sexually abuse and their senior managers across a range of disciplines and organisations, both in the voluntary and statutory sector, to decide what resources and procedures they require for the assessment, referral, and appropriate intervention of these young people.

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The Mental Health Needs of Young People who Offend

Following an approach by the North East Youth Justice Board for England and Wales in 2006-07, this research looked at the mental health needs of young offenders. The specific aim of this piece of work is to assist commissioning bodies within the health and youth justice systems by providing a clear picture of needs, priorities and gaps in current arrangements for meeting the mental health and learning disability needs of young offenders. Although the focus of this report was the North East of England, it is likely that lessons learned in this region will be transferable to other areas of England and Wales, and it is hoped that the findings may be of use to a wider audience.

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Elderly Sex Offenders in Social & Health Care

During 2003, The Derwent Initiative (TDI), in correspondence with a number of local Social Services operating in the North East of England, identified possible and potential difficulties faced by elderly sex offenders in the social care system, particularly those experiencing mental health problems and learning disabilities. Partnering with the Community Safety Research Unit of Northumbria University, we produced a scoping report to examine the question of whether elderly sex offenders were accessing the support, care and health services to which they were entitled and, if not, what was preventing this.

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