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Funders and Supporters


The WA Handley Charity Trust

WA Handley Charity Trust makes grants for general charitable purposes with a preference for the Northumberland and Tyneside area.

The Barbour Foundation

The Barbour Foundation make grants to organisations with the aims and objectives of the relief of patients suffering from any form of illness or disease; the furtherance of general education of children & young people; the protection and preservation for the benefit to the public, features of cities, towns, villages and the countryside that are of special environmental historical or architectural interest; the relief of persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress in the UK.

National Council for Social Concern

Social Concern makes grants available to third sector organisations involved in activities ranging from direct service delivery to groups lobbying for social justice and developments in the criminal justice system.

Social Concern is particularly supportive of innovative ideas which - with some encouragement and financial support - can be turned into highly effective and intelligent resources delivering much needed structured care and help.

For the last fourteen years, Social Concern has helped make the difference to a wide variety of charity project initiatives by creative and direct use of its modest funds and by enabling a variety of projects to successfully lobby for wider funding support from Trusts and other funding bodies.

The William Leech Charity

The William Leech Charity is a charitable organisation based in the North East of England.

Set up by Sir William Leech in 1972, the charity exists to help volunteers from the North East, and also to support charitable projects which benefit primarily people of the North East.

The charity is administrated by a panel of trustees, and each year awards nearly £400,000 in charitable grants and donations to a variety of worthy causes.

The Hadrian Trust

The Hadrian Trust is a registered charitable trust allocating grants to charities and groups working for the benefit of the people and the environment of Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham, including Hartlepool.

Our main donations are in the fields of social welfare, youth, disability, the elderly, women, ethnic minorities, education, arts and the environment.

The Rothley Trust

The Rothley Trust are a registered charitable trust, which gives small grants to assist groups with charitable work in the north east. The Trust focuses on the needs of children and young people in areas of disadvantage. It also supports community development and the groups which help people with disabilities.



JUMP are a full service creative agency who believe it is the combination of original, well-crafted ideas, engaging designs and intuitive digital solutions that builds successful brands. From start-ups to global organisations, they work collaboratively with our clients, inspiring them and helping them to grow beyond their potential. They provide branding, web design, web development and digital marketing.

In 2017, JUMP kindly helped TDI think about our digital marketing, and designed a logo for an extension of our Leisurewatch brand.

Charity IT Association

The Charity IT Association is a registered charity (1168721) who has a passion for helping charities get the most from their IT. They offer a simple, easy-to-consume entry point for charities to engage with the free volunteers who were willing to help them to get more advantage from their IT. CITA's vision is a world in which charities are able to harness the full potential of technology to increase their potential for good.

In 2017, Alistair Thompson, a local IT professional, volunteered his time through CITA to help TDI migrate our emails between service providers.

Historic Support

Over our existence, in addition to those organisations listed above TDI is proud to have been supported by The Baring Foundation, The Esmée Fairburn Foundation, The Getty Foundation, Government Office for the North East, The Henry Smith Charity, The Home Office (Dangerous Offenders Unit), The John Ellerman Foundation, The Lankelly Chase Trust, The Lloyds TSB Foundation, The Ministry of Justice, The National Lottery for England, Northumbria Police, Northumbria Probation, The Northern Rock Foundation, The Peter Vardy Charitable Trust, The Tudor Trust, and The Tyne and Wear Community Foundation.