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Sexual Harassment and Workplace Sexual Abuse

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With 25 years of experience in the field, this course applies TDI's knowledge around sexual offending to help organisations think through what makes them vulnerable to cultures of harassment and abuse. It offers staff opportunities to think through their own work cultures and helps empower them to take action to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.

Sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace are widespread but often hidden. All workplaces will have policies which aim to prohibit offensive and harmful sexual behaviour but, as recent scandals in multiple industries have shown, policies on their own are not sufficient. This course takes as its starting point a comparison between workplace harassment and abuse and other types of sexual offending, guiding staff and managers through the lessons that the latter can offer us about the former. Questions asked include:

  • What constitutes 'sexual harassment' and how easily can it become sexual offending?
  • How do individuals come to behave in a harassing or an abusive way?
  • What makes an organisation vulnerable to cultures of harassment and abuse?
  • What can we do as individuals and organisations to reduce risk of harassment and abuse?

This course runs over three hours, and uses interactive techniques and media, including group work, videos, case studies and discussion.

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